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Enhance productivity by creating well-designed, people-centric workspaces.

At COEL, we are committed to providing outstanding office interior planning and design solutions to help you build safer, healthier, and more engaging work environments that can boost productivity, efficiency, and ROI.

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Project Planning

Putting plans into action

Fantastic projects start with focused plans. Before you choose your colours and finalise the aesthetic, we’ll craft a step-by-step strategy.

Working with you, our expert team will:

  • Analyse your current space and how you use it
  • Discuss your business objectives and how we can support them
  • Identify current and future space needs
  • Design a space that’s authentically ‘you’
  • Create your ideal environment at the right cost and within your timeframe

We plan every m² wisely. This means your facilities, fixtures and furniture come together to create a space that works perfectly.

Dedicated project manager

You’ll also have a dedicated project lead overseeing every stage of the office space planning process: from developing the initial gameplan to delivery.

Your project lead will keep you updated throughout so you’ll know and understand our team’s approach to transforming your vision into reality.

Our project
planning process

1. Building Appraisals

Building feasibility appraisals are designed to help you in your decision-making process, whether you found a property you think is perfect or two different premises which appear equally suitable but you need help deciding which one is best.

2. Workplace Audits

A workplace audit can be invaluable when planning an office fit-out or move. It will evaluate how you’re using your existing space and ensure that your new workplace accommodates all your business needs going forward.

3. Space Planning

With rents rising and suitable property becoming harder to find, you must optimise the use of available space. Our expert space planners will work with you to ensure that all requirements have been considered and provided for.

4. Design

Our interior designers and space planners will take your brief and create a stunning workplace design and an effective office design and planning strategy. To help you visualise the completed look, we’ll provide detailed drawings and 3D visuals, as well as mood boards displaying fabrics, textures, finishes and product images.

Interior Office Design

Designed with you in mind

To craft your ideal office interior design, we immerse ourselves in your brand and people.

We then produce your designs with the team who’ll build them, bringing your brilliant interior designs to life as seamlessly as possible. And because we always comply with the latest HSE regulations, you know you’re in safe hands.

COEL are a great company to work with. Their approach is pragmatic and collaborative, working closely with the client throughout to inform on progress and offer clear practical advice when problems and challenges arose. Greg Hayden, Group Information Services Director, Frontline

Our design process

As businesses increasingly adopt hybrid and flexible work practices, we need to incorporate technology and people into the office design and space planning process.

This helps ensure optimum productivity and efficiency while promoting healthier lifestyles for one of your most vital assets: your human resources.

1. Developing the design brief

Each project starts with listening to your specific requirements and aspirations. We’ll then define the project, budget, design and construction programme.

2. Concept design stage

A conceptual presentation is created together with look and feel mood boards. Workplace audits are carried out, including time utilisation studies and preferred ways of working.

3. Design development

The team presents layout drawings and finishes palette boards to reflect the outline brief. At this stage, we work alongside selected specialist contractors and consultants to produce detailed specifications.

4. Final design stage

Following the final design review and feedback, our team presents the complete interiors scheme and the construction drawing package.

Office Interior Design
that works

Why choose COEL?

Whilst pleasing to the eye, stunning aesthetics and great office interior design don’t create an inspiring space, boost productivity, or make for a happier and healthier workforce on their own.

At COEL, we don’t allow the latest design trends to sway or encumber us. Instead, we allow ourselves to be led by you: your ideas, way of working, and aspirations. And this, combined with our modern, fresh ideas and decades of interior design expertise, results in an office space designed with your needs at its heart. An office space that has as much substance as it does style.

An office space that works.

Office interiors to impress

As a highly creative and innovative commercial interior design company, we create workspaces with soul. We develop designs that deliver a wow factor because of how they look and function.

Whatever your reason for exploring office interior planning and design options, we’ve got the ideas, technical knowledge and creative flair to make it happen.

Understanding your world

No one knows your business and your people like you do.

So first and foremost, we listen to you.

  • We spend time in your workspace, watching how it’s used, where the bottlenecks are and how it naturally flows.
  • We talk to you and your staff about your likes and dislikes, what works in your current workplace and what you want from your new interior.
  • We consider how your office feels, whether it’s a corporate environment, more relaxed, or needs to tick both boxes.

Only when we’ve got to know you do we start thinking about developing a concept. This ensures that you and your brand are at its centre – exactly where you should be.

An adaptable approach
to Office Design

Specialist knowledge

Working collaboratively, our office interior planning and design specialists bring decades of expertise to the planning party. From creative design ideas to the latest technology installations, they work together to develop the initial design concept into something real and tangible.

They also consider health and safety, compliance with fire regulations, planning permissions and any other legal requirements.
With our office interior design, what you see is what you get. No hidden surprises, and no changes introduced at the eleventh hour.

A design that’s fully costed, fully scoped and produced with you and your people at its heart.

Attention to detail

Your office interior design should reflect your business from start to finish. Every little thing must be on brand and on point, from shelving and signage to finishes and floor coverings.

It’s why we work with carefully chosen partner brands and produce a detailed plan of every element of your project to help you picture the finished layout. Because we want to make your working life better, we incorporate all those little touches that make the difference between good and great design.

Bespoke office interior planning and design

An office design and build service that puts you first to create precisely what you need. A service where you’re in control but with us by your side: from talking through the process and answering any questions to walking you through the finished plans – even taking the project to final fit-out, if required.

So together, let’s create an office interior designed with you in mind.

Finding the potential in any space

Do you have smaller spaces with more limited budgets? We can help with these special projects, too! We deliver the same passion and expertise we demonstrate consistently when working on more complex office interior planning and design projects to bring out the potential of any space.

Our Projects

Build a people-centric
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Improve productivity and efficiency by creating workspaces focusing on your most important assets.

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