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Agile Analog

Agile Analog is an enterprising technology company, comprising an innovative team of analog and digital engineers, software engineers and semi-conductor industry executives.

They have had an undeniably positive impact on developing a new development process for analog IP.

Previously based in a serviced office that they had started to outgrow, Agile Analog wanted to move to a workspace that supported a more collaborative style of working for their rapidly expanding workforce.

COEL helped advise Agile Analog on the suitability of different potential locations for their new headquarters.Having successfully acquired a tenancy for the ground floor of Radio House in Chesterton, the Agile Analog team worked with our design department to help shape an office which would not only provide the floor plan and facilities they needed to operate well, but also the look and feel that would help their team thrive. Careful space planning, thoughtfully curated furniture and clever use of colour all play their part in adapting the workspace to meet the clients’ needs.

Emphasis was levied on visitor experience, seen most distinctly in the entrance with its adoption of a bold natural palette embracing a warm harvest yellow alongside a muted grey. At the centre point of the room, the company logo is encompassed as feature lighting; this jaunty take on the corporate identity sets the tone and is complimented by luxurious furniture methodically choreographed to offer a welcoming focal point to all entering the building.

The working areas are adeptly articulated with optional task-based workstations; these include a series of different sized meeting rooms positioned at the front of the building to accommodate video conferencing and team meetings. Open plan desking and collaborative tables for mind mapping and team activities are based towards the rear of the workspace. A soothing combination of herringbone flooring runs throughout the floor plan, alongside plush carpet helping to distinguish the different zones.

Acknowledging that privacy and quiet space are critical for focused working, meant a generous selection of acoustic booths were installed throughout the office. The booths provide an acoustically isolated space away from the main office buzz, whilst also offering the flexibility to be moved within the floor plan to allow for any future changes. An awning running off the back of two of the acoustic booths offers a playful element with a nod to camping and the great outdoors. This fun addition hosts a segregated furnished space for a more relaxed meeting area.

Agile Analog prioritise their team’s mental health, and they wanted to create a calm area which could help employees decompress from day-to-day stressful moments and allow them to access somewhere to slow down, breathe and recharge. Decorated in a deep forest green, a wellbeing area has been facilitated by carving out space which has no screens in it to stimulate or distract those seeking a peaceful refuge. Reflecting natural elements, artwork depicting biophilic scenes hang on the walls with high backed meeting booths in soft shades of oatmeal and teal inviting those in need to rest and revive.

The kitchen forms a large open space, encouraging the team to gather, eat, drink and socialise. With warm timber kitchen units, a breakfast bar with high backed stools, cafe style tables and chairs, bleacher seating and softly furnished pouffes; the employees at Agile Analog have a wide range of options when it comes to taking time for a refreshment. With the benefit of floor to ceiling glazing on one side of the kitchen the deep rich mineral shades of green, grey and blue used to decorate the space reduce any glare from the flood of daylight that comes through.

Careful consideration was applied as to how the Agile Analog team will. both work and flourish best in their new space. This has resulted in a highly appealing and inclusive workplace, which masters a bridge between commercial styling and residential design.

  • Size: 7452 sq ft
  • Headcount: 64
  • Location: North Cambridge

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