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Cutting-edge science needs
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At COEL, we design functional, considered and highly specialised laboratory spaces that help support great minds so they can be free to create, invent and discover.

From our bases within the UK’s thriving life sciences hubs, we work closely with our clients to identify and create perfect lab spaces. Our laboratory fit-out and refurbishment team will ensure that your fit-out complies with the current regulations and provides the ideal environment for your team to thrive.

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Identifying the right laboratory
space to meet your needs

As purpose-built premises are becoming increasingly scarce, we understand that half of the battle is identifying the right space for your laboratory fit-out.

This often means that we help our clients fit out or refurbish spaces by repurposing existing commercial buildings as laboratories. As highly experienced lab fit-out experts, we can help re-imagine even the largest spaces by using intelligent techniques to carve out a dedicated workspace and state-of-the-art materials to create the ideal working conditions for your employees.


Managing the installation
of your new laboratory

When designing your laboratory, our team will work closely with your scientists in order to gain an understanding of how they wish to utilise the space.

Indeed, we will allocate a laboratory fit-out specialist to manage the entire project, from planning and designing your lab to managing the installation. We can even supply the bespoke furniture and equipment needed to operate the laboratory.
Our process includes the following:

  • Coordinated design of spatial and services requirements
  • The strip-out process if required
  • Structural changes
  • Laboratory fit-out work, including partitioning, flooring and decorations
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Specialist monitoring of gases and the environment
  • Provision of laboratory furniture and specialist equipment
  • Commissioning of services and specialist systems
  • Training staff how to operate new systems

Our in-house team of mechanical and electrical engineers specialise in the installation of laboratory services. As such, they understand what it takes to create the ideal conditions depending on how you plan to utilise the lab space.


Creating the perfect environment for your laboratory

As laboratory fit-out specialists, we understand that projects can differ depending on the science involved. But, they all have the same objective: to create the best possible environment for the scientists who work there.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider.


Adequate distribution of power is key to providing a flexible laboratory. A lab can also use twice as much power in order to maintain the strict conditions required to protect sensitive products or to operate high-tech equipment.

Therefore, extra care should always be taken when planning a laboratory refurbishment or fit-out. At COEL, we can help review your power requirements and ensure the building has sufficient provision.

Lighting and Heating

The amount of light and heat provided in a laboratory is often determined by what is required for the specific work being carried out in each area, rather than by the comfort of the workers.

Vibration Control

If you use sensitive microscopic equipment in your lab, the stability of the floor may need to be considered.

Gas Storage

If highly volatile gases are being used and stored in your laboratory, additional safety precautions must be taken. Furthermore, the system for using and managing these gases should be designed and installed by highly qualified experts. This includes the ongoing monitoring of critical factors such as oxygen depletion.

Air Handling and Filtering

The way in which air conditioning and ventilation systems are installed can have a significant impact on a lab’s success. Whether there is a high level of air changes or a strict pressure regime, everything must be carefully considered and planned prior to the laboratory fit-out.


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