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laboratory furniture

At COEL, our furniture team has been sourcing and supplying high-quality, durable and cutting-edge laboratory furniture from a diverse range of manufacturers for almost 30 years.

Whether you are managing a research project, an educational facility or a major industrial lab, we can provide adaptable laboratory furniture options tailored to the way you want to use your lab.

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Laboratory furniture to fit every space

Choosing suitable furniture for laboratory purposes involves an assessment of how your team will use the space. For this reason, our furniture experts and planning and design team will work with your key stakeholders to analyse your daily workflows, equipment and project flexibility requirements.

When fitting out a lab, it is usually less about aesthetic design and more about functionality, durability, adaptability and promoting productivity.

COEL is a thoroughly professional organisation and one which we intend to continue to work with for ongoing maintenance moving forward. Managing Director at Grifols, Cambridge Research Park

A comprehensive range
of lab furniture

As an independent supplier, we can provide a wide range of high-quality laboratory furniture, including the items listed below.

Lab benches

Our comprehensive range of workbenches can be designed to your individual specifications. To ensure ultimate flexibility, we offer durable freestanding or adaptable modular mobile lab benches.

Lab worktops

We also offer a range of worktops to compliment your lab benches. From stainless steel and Trespa to simpler and more cost-effective laminate options, we will recommend the best surface for the tasks you need to undertake.

Lab chairs

With the increased focus on employee well-being, your choice of laboratory furniture for your lab technicians becomes even more critical. As they will be sitting down for long periods of time, it is imperative that you provide comfortable and adaptable seating options that will promote good posture.

Lab storage

Whether you are storing hazardous materials or reams of paperwork, laboratory storage is all about accessibility. From suspended units to fixed or under-bench storage, we can identify the best options to suit your working practices.

Mobile lab storage

We understand that storage needs to be flexible and practical. Perhaps you need under-bench storage to ensure free access to the rest of the lab? Our mobile storage options can adapt to your specific usage requirements.

Lab desks

The desk you need for a lab may be quite different to the one in your office. As we have worked on a number of laboratory projects, we have collated a range of bespoke desk options so we will always be able to create an inspiring write-up area where your team can document their findings in quiet and comfortable surroundings.

Lab fume cupboards

Lab work often involves the use of noxious and hazardous materials. A fume cupboard will ensure a safe working environment. We can offer options that either extract air via ducting and expel it from the building or filter and recirculate clean air. Our laboratory furniture specialists can advise you on the best solution for your lab.

Not all laboratory
furniture is ‘clinical’

The laboratory is where your research takes place. It’s where science happens. As such, the conditions must be right and the environment has to be strictly controlled.

However, from time to time, your busy team will need to move away from the laboratory to a comfortable write-up area or to a more homely breakout space to socialise and collaborate with their colleagues.

This is when the collaboration of our laboratory and office design experts is so important. We will balance your lab’s functional requirements with the more pastoral needs of your team to create a space which drives ideas and scientific breakthroughs!

Why choose COEL to source your laboratory furniture?

At COEL, we source and supply practical, durable and adaptable laboratory furniture from various manufacturers for a diverse range of clients.

We will help you choose what’s right for your lab!

We have considerable experience in the life sciences sector. From purpose-built labs to large-scale conversions of commercial buildings, we understand how to create a space that will work for you. By analysing your needs from the outset, we can suggest furniture options you have yet to even consider.

We offer a full turnkey solution

As well as sourcing and supplying laboratory furniture, our in-house teams can work with you to plan your new lab, design and fit it out, and even manage the move and install the mechanical and electrical services. In fact, our team of furniture specialists have a wealth of experience so they understand the broader needs of a laboratory fit-out project.

We source and recycle responsibly

We are constantly reviewing the materials used in the products we supply and wherever possible we will source locally. We use smaller packing boxes to reduce transport costs and the environmental impact, and we also offer a full service to recycle or dispose of unwanted furniture ethically.



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At COEL, we aim to provide highly functional and practical lab furniture that has your employees’ comfort and well-being at heart.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please get in touch with us via the contact details below or by completing the form on this page.

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