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I-MEX (M&E) Ltd


I-MEX (M&E) Ltd

Impressed by COEL’s skill and expertise during a recent collaborative project, I-MEX (M&E) Ltd contracted our team to deliver their new purpose built workspace.

Following the original architectural layout by Rees Pryer, the team at COEL finalised the drawings and developed the design to suit the client’s needs.

Light plays a prevalent part in the look and feel of the project with glazing from the floor to the ceiling; the concept is elevated to include installation of a structural glazed floor providing a window between the different levels; flooding the foyer below with a shaft of daylight, and adding a dramatic lustre to the entrance. This welcoming open reception has a relaxed vibe featuring a soft seating area, some desking, a ground floor tea point, and warehouse space which was key for I-MEX to store their materials.

Personalising the design by paying homage to I-MEX’s corporate identity and ethos was prioritised and a bespoke wall mural was crafted for the ground floor main meeting room. Inspired by one of the client’s photos it features a monochrome image and sketch outline of some mechanical engineering; the company logo is positioned alongside the artwork to embody the pride I-MEX has in the skilled work that they are renowned for. Colour is adapted to resonate with the characterisation of the company, with accents of copper reflective of the materials that they work with and the rich blue of the corporate logo, both featuring in accents throughout the layout in the decoration and furniture.

The first floor exemplifies clever use of space with additional rooms cantilevered off a mezzanine floor, which the COEL team installed; providing an area for private working and smaller meetings, in addition to the larger open plan office area. A stunning kitchen with feature lighting and glazed flooring forms a central connection between both these zones, offering employees an enticing place to eat, drink and relax.

I-MEX (M&E) Ltd is a modern and light-filled workspace with impressive visual and aesthetic impact.

  • Size: Ground Floor - 1290 sqft. First Floor - 1787 sqft. Second Floor - 452 sqft
  • Headcount: Approximately 30
  • Location: Bury St Edmunds

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