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An office that inspires

From the initial plans to final fixtures, we look after every aspect of your office fit-out and refurbishment.

As part of our office fit-out services, our interior designers will create elegant spaces that maximise efficiency and encourage collaboration. Then our dedicated teams will help furnish, finish and maintain your new space.


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Office fit-out or


Renovating your office space is always a significant undertaking, and deciding between a fit-out or refurbishment is always the first step towards achieving your desired results.

As these two terms are often used interchangeably, it is common for those unfamiliar with construction industry jargon to confuse an office fit-out with a refurbishment.

So, what’s the difference between an office fit-out and refurbishment? And how do you know which of them suits you best?

An office fit-out involves designing and transforming an empty space into a usable one so it can meet the specific needs and requirements of your workforce and business.

On the other hand, office refurbishment is renovating a workspace already in use. It is less extensive and has fewer requirements than a fit-out. In most cases, a refurbishment includes designing and implementing a new layout for the space, installing new office furniture, and making other necessary improvements to enhance its look, safety, and functionality.

Office refurbishments can be undertaken in phases, allowing the existing office to remain open whilst the works are undertaken. With our in-house move management team, phasing of works in a live site can be seamless with minimal disruption.

If you need expert guidance on deciding between an office fit-out and refurbishment, we at COEL are only happy to offer you the professional advice you require.


Our office fit-out process  

The Brief

To start the office fit-out process, we’ll talk in-depth about your business, environment, and aims. We’ll consider the way that the space is used and your working practices, as well as the needs of your employees. Then we’ll create a focused brief factoring in your wishlist, budget and timescale.

Site Survey

We’ll conduct a site survey to know everything about your space. This gives our designers, tradespeople and office fit-out specialists an accurate plan to work from and helps troubleshoot any site issues in advance. Furthermore, our building services team can arrange for validation reports of existing mechanical, electrical and HVAC installations and review against your proposed works.

Space Planning & Design

Our expert space planners will analyse how your team works together. Using this data, we design your new space to be as efficient and energising as possible.



Sometimes a project might need planning permissions and statutory building control approvals. Don’t worry. We will guide you through the process and tick all the boxes on your behalf because we understand the current legislation inside out and work closely with the local authority to ensure everything’s properly planned.

Project Management

You’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who’ll be on hand throughout the process. Their expertise in planning and managing our teams means you can forget the stress and focus on your business.


Move In

We work relentlessly to ensure everything’s ready for move-in. You’ll be kept up-to-date about progress to ensure your project is on track. Once you’re 100% happy that the work is completed to a high standard, you simply move your team in. And we’ll still be on hand to help with maintenance.

How Long Would an
Office Fit-Out Take?


There is no specific answer to this question as the duration of an office fit-out will mostly depend on the project’s scope and scale. However, rest assured that our team possesses the expert knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that your office interior fit-out or commercial office refurbishment will be completed within the agreed timeframe.


A first class company who provide a first class and reliable service from day 1 through to completion. Phil Smailes, Managing Director, I-MEX (M&E) Ltd

Office Fit-out and
Refurbishment Services
that Deliver


A professional fit-out or refurbishment can make the difference between a good and a great office, one that looks the part and delivers real benefits for productivity, efficiency, health and well-being.

To realise those advantages, an office re-fit must reflect and embody your business as a whole: your goals, values, and personality.
That’s why we perform a thorough briefing to ensure we really understand you and your business. As well as covering your industry and offer, we’ll also delve into your aims and values, gradually building a picture of what your business does and how it feels.

Identify requirements

We’ll talk to you about what you want from your new workspace. We’ll also give you the benefit of our decades of experience, guiding and advising you on everything from layouts to lighting.

Whether you’re moving offices, planning an office fit-out, revamping your current office interior or refurbishing somewhere new, we’ll undertake a complete site survey to ensure we know how your space is used and what you want to change.

Taking into account your budget and timescale, we’ll review your wish list. Acting as office fit-out consultants, we’ll consider:

  • Where, when and how your people work
  • The impression you want to give your clients
  • What technology needs to be included
  • How to futureproof the space
  • Where your branding can be incorporated
  • What would make it a more productive environment
  • How we can include energy-saving or other environmental elements

Maximising space

Good planning and design can change a small, crowded workplace into a busy hub of productivity and convert a bland and monotonous corporate environment into a vibrant, engaging centre for collaboration and teamwork. Similarly, incorporating features such as integrated storage solutions, access to natural light, and relaxed breakout areas can bring significant benefits in terms of efficiency and well-being.

It’s important to consider these elements early in the office fit-out or refurbishment process – and we’re used to working well in advance. Our clients include commercial property developers, landlords, and businesses like yours, so we’re accustomed to working on both Cat A and Cat B office fit-outs.


Working with experts

Whatever stage your new office is at, bringing an experienced fit-out company on board early is the best way to ensure the finished result meets your needs.

Besides drawing on our experience, we work with trusted designers, tradespeople and office fit-out specialists to create a complete project plan, clearly laying out timescales, costs, and any potential issues our team may have identified.

You can leave securing planning permission, complying with legislation and meeting other requirements to us, too. We work closely with local authorities and understand the necessary paperwork and approvals to ensure a successful office refurbishment or fit-out.


Bringing your ideas to life

An office fit-out is likely to be one of the most significant investments you make, so you must ensure it’s fit for purpose now and into the future. We keep abreast of style trends and technological developments to ensure we’re installing the latest systems delivering energy efficiency savings and superior performance.


Ongoing support

Our involvement in your office fit-out doesn’t end until you want it to. Via our raft of other services, we can support you all the way from the initial design process through the building and refurbishment work and beyond.


Breathe New Life
into Your Office  

Whether you’re planning a fit-out or refurbishment, our team is more than ready to provide you with the solutions you require to create highly elegant and usable workspaces. For enquiries, you may reach us via our contact details below or by completing the form on this page.

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