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Moving offices can be stressful. Hopefully, you’re upsizing, but perhaps you’re downsizing.

Perhaps this is your first office move, or you need to relocate as part of a broader change in the management process. Or maybe it’s simply the case that your lease is up, and you need to move on and find an office relocation company immediately.

Whatever the motivation for moving to a new location, our office furniture removal and relocation experts can help and guide you through the entire process.

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Moving offices is more
than just a new address.

It’s about providing the right space for your team to thrive. But it is also a significant change that needs to be managed correctly to have the least possible impact on your people. Your team shouldn’t feel anxious. Instead, they should feel considered throughout the process and excited about the opportunities this new office could present.

A well-managed office relocation can save time, ensure that you experience the least possible ‘downtime’ and enable your team to return to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible.


We used COEL's relocation team to manage our office move and found that they worked seamlessly with their design and fit out colleagues to ensure a smooth and successful transfer from one site to another. The relocation team worked tirelessly until everything was as it should be. I could not recommend COEL highly enough. Joe Eyles, European Finance Director - Harvard Bioscience

Our fully managed
commercial relocation service

From providing move guides for your staff and labelling boxes to moving furniture, installing your IT equipment, and delivering office mechanical and electrical services, our relocation team has developed a tried-and-tested process for managing your office relocation.

Working closely with your designer, our dedicated project manager will guide you through the following steps:

1. Needs Analysis

Working practices have changed dramatically over the years, and how you use your office may also change. We’ll meet with your key stakeholders to understand your requirements and how we can help.

2. Move Planning

We will create a project plan that includes what you need to do and by when, any phasing requirements for moving staff, a storage inventory to plan our packing crates and boxes, an initial floor plan, and key dates and times for your diaries.

3. Preparing for the Move

Unlike other office relocation companies, we create move guides for all team members, provide labels for boxes to help with locating items, deliver crates and adequate protection for your valuables, and help with early packing and preparation.

4. Physical Move

We will decommission IT equipment, conduct office furniture removals, ensure safe transit, set up the new space to the agreed floor plan, and recommission your equipment.

5. Post-Move

A site manager will ensure that all equipment and furniture have been successfully relocated into their final positions. Depending on the client’s needs, we may also collate any packing materials for collection, responsible disposal, or recycling.

6. Business as Usual

Once your staff has been safely moved into your new offices, we sign off the process, and you’re ready to go!

A flexible solution
to office relocation

We understand that everyone’s requirements are different, so we offer a range of options to help manage your move.

Extra Manpower

Providing extra manpower to help with the moving of your office furniture


Expert Advice

Offering advice and helping you create a solid plan for your office move


Fully managed service

Managing your entire office move as a complete turnkey service


A sustainable approach
to office relocation  

We believe that all office move companies should dispose of waste ethically. We also appreciate that many of our clients are working towards their sustainability goals, so ethical disposal and lowering our combined environmental impact are vital considerations.

Before we remove any unwanted furniture, we will assess whether it can be reused or repurposed. We also work with a dedicated partner who will remove all packing waste on our behalf. They will strip down the materials and recycle them where possible to reduce waste.

We then provide our clients with a certification to show how much they have saved on emissions by choosing our managed service.


Storage options to support your office relocation  

Unfortunately, not all relocations go as smoothly as planned, and timelines can shift for reasons outside your control. Or the end of your lease is rapidly approaching, and your new office is not quite ready. Don’t worry; we can help here too.

Our warehouse storage facility gives our clients the flexibility and reassurance that they can store furniture, documents, or equipment should their circumstances change.

We can be completely flexible – providing a storage option for a few days or weeks while you concentrate on getting your team safely relocated. Long-term storage options are also available for items you know you’ll need again one day!

Work with the Office Relocation Specialists  

With COEL, office relocations don’t have to be disruptive or stressful. Talk to our relocation experts today via our contact details below or by completing our online form.

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