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Transition Bio

Transition Bio has leveraged the experience of world-leading experts in microfluidics, cell imaging and machine learning to establish a unique technology platform to revolutionise condensate drug discovery.

The brief

Their continued success has led to rapid expansion, requiring larger premises. With the demand for laboratory space soaring, the repurposing of office space to designated laboratory space is a dynamic and clever solution.

The design needed to accommodate their growing team and facilitate both collaborative and more focused work.

Our solution

With experience in this form of specific conversion for the life science market, our team set out to design a large-scale working laboratory. The lab was to be built alongside an interior that is adaptable to the employees’ needs – with options of fixed desking, break-out meeting rooms, acoustic phone booths and a large multi-purpose board room.

Additionally, the bistro-style kitchen provides an appealing invitation to relax and replenish.

Soundproof, organic and vibrant communal office space
The communal office areas have been inspired from the name and branding of the biotech company, with vibrant colours transitioning throughout the space.

Feature gradient ceiling baffles (which provide soundproof assistance), contrasting accent walls and contemporary furniture coalesce resulting in an enriched, positive working environment.

Organic elements are woven into the design with light timber cladding and plentiful green planting, connecting the space with its exterior tree filled surroundings.

Connected, cohesive but adaptable laboratories
The challenge to integrate the extensive laboratory development alongside the office space and communal areas was met with some innovative design concepts. Glazed partitioning between these two areas allowed visibility between the divides, providing a sense of connection and cohesion within the designated areas.

Modern and efficient laboratories were designed and built bespoke to our client’s requirements, including the installation of a microscopy and robotics space, wet and dry labs, and a dark room.

Standing up to the pressure of the lab
A positive pressure room was also installed; this room maintains the pressure in that room to be greater than the pressure outside of it. This controlled process pushes any potential contamination away from the room and requires incoming air to be filtered through high-efficiency particulate air filters.

These integrative research environments required a cold room and spacious storage and waste/prep rooms to support their operational functionality. With supply chains potentially facing disruption, it remains critical, to have the capacity to be order supplies early, make bulk orders, and be able to store accordingly if the need arises.

Flexibility of layout and reduced contamination
The configuration of the laboratory space allowed for adequate separation of spaces and prioritised the client’s needs, equipment, and ventilation requirements to reduce contamination.

There is flexibility within the fit-out and HVAC capability to allow a reconfiguration within the layout. This adaptability facilitates a potential change in requirement or for interchangeable furniture and equipment.

In summary…

Unity is at the heart of this project. In creating a workspace which facilitates an integration of two very different working environments, we have constructed a forum for collaboration and a platform for growth for Transition Bio.

  • Size: Approx. 10,000 sq ft
  • Headcount: A growing team of 20 plus
  • Location: Eastbrook, Central Cambridge

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