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How to Design the Ultimate Home Office

The ultimate home office is not just a place where you can work efficiently and effectively but should also be a place where you feel comfortable and at ease, affording you the most accommodating working environment. Ideally it will be a room designed solely for that purpose but if not then a room should be zoned, clearly dividing the work area from any other areas.

Having chosen the location of the office you will need to consider certain aspects to ensure the ideal potential for efficiency of work and comfortable environment. These therefore are some of the main points you should consider when designing the office space.


As much natural lighting as possible is always best however, as extended work periods may require night time work or work during inclement weather, a good, reliable work light is essential. If your work extends more than from one desk, appropriate, bright lighting should be installed where ever it may be needed.


You should design the office with a desk and chair which are not just comfortable but are also ergonomic. Working at a desk, often for hours on end, can lead to aches and pains which although may not leave you bed ridden, may well distract you from your work.

Paying a little extra for an appropriate desk and chair from the outset can save you money in lost productivity later and will certainly assist you in working all the hours you need, whilst remaining moderately comfortable.


Shelves and storage space should be designed around your needs and therefore easily accessible to your primary work location, presumably your desk.

As you may have limited space, remember to organize storage space economically, utilizing both the vertical and the horizontal, bringing as much as possible closer to where it may be needed.


If your office space has a window, you will probably have already located your desk close to it in order to benefit from as much natural light as possible. The window will act as a good distraction instead of staring at a blank wall whilst thinking. If the office space has no window then an appropriately placed pretty picture in a frame will serve the same purpose.

As you are designing a home office, you should try to choose furniture which is more in line with the rest of your home’s furniture and not that of a drab, mundane office block as this alone can provide a more appeasing working environment. This is especially the case if you paint the walls a colour of your preference.

Although some people prefer to have their desk face a doorway others, who do not expect many visitors, prefer to face a window or a specially selected piece of artwork in order to provide extra inspiration when and if needed.


With today’s modern technology an office can become a spider’s web of cords and electric cables, so you should keep them under control. Not only can free cords lead to accidents, both physically and in your work, they are also an eyesore and perhaps an unwanted distraction. Ensure you design your home office with all cords neatly and securely hidden where ever possible.

The ultimate home office should be a unique mix of function and style, incorporating all the necessary equipment to be a fully functioning workplace but also including aspects which make you feel comfortable and at ease; at home. If designed with both these factors in mind, a home office can afford you best of both worlds. The ability to work efficiently and effectively plus, remove a time consuming commute.


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