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It starts with an idea. About how to make a stunning space that works for you.

To craft your ideal designs, we immerse ourselves in your brand and your people. We then produce your designs together with the team who’ll build them. This means we bring your brilliant interior designs to life as seamlessly as possible. And because we always comply with the latest HSE regulations, you know you’re in safe hands. Whatever your interior, whatever your design – we deliver.

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COEL were an outstanding partner to work with. They proposed and built a number of bespoke solutions. The project ran exactly to time and was on budget. Greg Hayden, Frontline, Group Information Services Director

Our design process

Developing the design brief

Each project starts with listening to your specific requirements and aspirations. We’ll then define the project, budget, design and construction programme.

Concept design stage

A conceptual presentation is created together with look & feel mood boards. Workplace audits are carried out, including time utilisation studies, preferred ways of working & any other necessary audits - furniture/storage etc.

Design development

The team then presents layout drawings, together with finishes palette boards to reflect the outline brief. These will include flooring, wall coverings, textiles, ceramics and lighting. At this stage we work alongside selected specialist contractors to produce detailed specifications.

Final design stage

Following the final design review and feedback, the COEL team presents the complete interiors scheme, together with construction drawing package.

Office Interior Design that Works

Creating a great office interior design isn’t just about how it looks. Stunning aesthetics, whilst pleasing to the eye, won’t on their own create an inspiring and engaging space, boost productivity or make for a happier or healthier workforce. That’s why, while we’re well-versed in the latest design trends, we don’t allow ourselves to be led by them.

What we do allow ourselves to be led by, is you. Your ideas, your way of working, your aspirations. And this, combined with our modern, fresh ideas and decades of interior design expertise, results in an office space designed with your needs at its heart. An office space that has as much substance as it does style. An office space that works.

Office interiors to impress

We create workspaces with soul. Designs that deliver wow factor because of how they look and also how they function. We do this by combining your design preferences and inspirations with the needs of your business.

  • Perhaps you’ve rebranded and need a new, engaging space that better reflects the feel of your brand.
  • Maybe you’ve moved offices and desperately want to put your own stamp on the new environment.
  • Or are you growing and looking to attract new clients and employees with a modern office space that’s full of personality?

Whatever the reason for you exploring interior design options and whether you’re remodelling entire floors of open-plan corporate space or want to maximise the potential of a more pocket-sized place of work, we’ve got the ideas, technical knowledge and creative flair to make it happen.

Understanding your world

No one knows your business and your people like you do. No one appreciates the ins and outs of day to day office life in the same way: core hours, team culture, working styles. So first and foremost, we listen to you.

  • We spend time in your workspace, watching how it’s used, where the bottlenecks are and how it naturally flows.
  • We talk to you about what you like and dislike, what works in your current workplace and what you want from your new commercial interior.
  • We consider how your office feels, whether it’s a corporate environment, more

relaxed or needs to tick both boxes.

Involving employees in the same way also helps to engage them with the interior design project. Do they have any preferences we can incorporate? What would make their working lives healthier, happier – and easier?

Only when we’ve really got to know you do we even start to think about developing a concept. That way we ensure that you and your brand are right at its centre – exactly where you should be.

Specialist knowledge

In the same way that we work with experts in the early stages of the brief and concept development (you!), we continue to develop your designs in conjunction with some of the best in the business of interior design planning and installation.

Working collaboratively, each of our specialists brings decades of expertise to the planning party. From creative design ideas to the latest technology installations, from decoration to the best ergonomic desks, together they work to develop the initial design concept into something real and tangible, with detailed specifications, layout drawings and timescales.

They also consider health and safety, compliance with fire regulations, planning permissions and any other legal requirements.

This means by the time you see your concept worked up into a design, every element has been carefully considered and double-checked.

So what you see, really is what you get. No hidden surprises, no changes introduced at the eleventh hour. A design that’s fully costed, fully scoped and produced with you and your people at its heart.

Attention to detail

We want our designs to make your working life better. That means making sure that we incorporate all those little touches that make the difference between good design and great design. Those things that might not seem like a big deal initially but, trust us, will start to niggle.

From major considerations: is the kitchen area large enough to accommodate everyone over lunchtime? to smaller but no less important issues: are the office chairs comfortable? we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

Because your office interior design should reflect your business from start to finish. From shelving to signage, from finishes to floor coverings, every little thing needs to be on brand and on point.

It’s why we work with carefully chosen partner brands, so we can bring you premium options for furniture, fixtures and fittings.

And it’s why we produce a detailed plan of every element of your project, with 3D visualisations, working drawings and mockups that help you to picture the finished layout.

Bespoke office design

It all adds up to a completely bespoke service.

An interior design service that puts you first, to create exactly what you need. A service where you’re in control but with us by your side: from talking through the process and answering any questions to walking you through the finished plans – even taking the project to final fit out, if required.

So together, let’s create an office interior designed with you in mind.

A commercial interior that boosts productivity.

A stylish interior that improves wellbeing.

A functional interior that works for you.


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