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Shortstown Surgery


Shortstown Surgery

Cleanliness and efficiency are key in healthcare design and in the provision of quality care

COEL in association with Bellway Homes prioritised these factors with Shortstown Surgery, a community surgery in Bedford. Emphasis on hygiene and patient safety were paramount as well as sustainability of the energy management. The building was designed to be efficiently utilised, easy to maintain and effectively managed.

There was a maximum use of natural light where possible; the glazed entrance draws in the sunshine so that light can penetrate the reception area creating a fresh and bright centre and has the added benefit of allowing the reception staff to see all approaching visitors. The layout is characterised by modern, clean-line interiors with walls painted white providing a tranquil and calm atmosphere. Easy to clean work surfaces and flooring have been installed to help ensure high hygiene standards can be met easily. Efficient storage solutions have been provided throughout the design to help maintain a clutter free space.

Shortstown Surgery is a workspace which functions efficiently in delivering a range of essential community services in a welcoming and accessible environment. Facility, space and light have been maximised to deliver a fresh and bright, contemporary setting.

  • Size: 306 sqm / 3302 sqft
  • Headcount: Variable
  • Location: Bedfordshire

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