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McCormick & Co

Renowned food manufacturer McCormick & Co, display a flavour for incredible design in the recent curation of furniture for their new office in Peterborough.

Zesty, citrus shades of lemon, orange and lime have been selected to add a splash of energy into allocated areas.

The boardroom hosts magnificent scarlet chairs around a large grey table; the bold red chairs ignite the room, transforming the seating area into a statement feature – perfect for focused discussion.

 The ground floor communal space is a sea of colour with carefully choreographed chairs and tables providing staff with relaxed, informal areas to take a break or have an informal chat.

 Whilst the general floor plan offers a range of zones for communal working, thought has been given to provision of quiet areas for private meetings and focused work space with the installation of soundproof acoustic booths.

 The clever interpretation in the sourcing, installing and styling of furniture at McCormick & Co, provides a masterclass in colour mixology and has all the ingredients to produce a true recipe for success!

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