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Cambridge University Press Bookshop


Cambridge University Press Bookshop

Commercial Design & Fit-out

The project involved re-designing the existing, rather dark and dated environment.  This was a design-led project with the client keen to ensure that the new environment would be fun and entertaining as well as educational.

The COEL design team started by putting together a bright, vivid colour scheme.  In order to brighten up the space and create a more welcoming environment, a new reception desk, together with storage (all in white) was installed. Quirky yet comfortable seating areas were introduced, together with engaging “bounce pads” from which customers can search for books and other items of interest.  New flooring, decor, graphics and branding all combined to create the fun, quirky environment the client was looking for.

  • Location: Cambridge
Established in Trinity Street, Cambridge in 1581, The Cambridge University Press Bookshop is the oldest book store in Britain. The shop is a renowned and respected portal for academia and education and is an excellent resource for teachers and students alike. Cambridge University Press Bookshop

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