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Bowman Ingredients

Bowman Ingredients is a leading food development and manufacturing company, with a commanding position in the UK and the global market.

In the light of their rapid growth, Bowman Ingredients purchased on a large industrial building in close proximity to their previous location to enable expansion.

The Bowman team partnered with COEL to design and refurbish their new headquarters, which would support both their specific operational requirements as well as providing a fresh and invigorating working environment for the office-based workers.

Impressive floor-to-ceiling, curved windows create a big statement as you enter the building and characterise the look and feel of the interior design. Chevron flooring give this gateway room a sleek, Art Deco feel while colourful furniture and luscious plant displays add a vibrant and homely touch. The reception desk is a sleek, duotone corner unit which enhances, but does not distract from the elegant, understated decor.

The sophisticated styling continues throughout, reflected in the clean lines and layout of the interior evidenced in the kitchen which combines a clever juxtaposition of vertically positioned wall tiles alongside decorative timber slats. This simple, pared back look is complimented by the royal azure blue, which is used as the signature colour in decorating throughout the design and is sharpened with pops of citrus shaded furniture. Bleacher seating and geometric style furniture are skilfully woven into the office and social spaces reflecting an architectural aesthetic. Industrial style lighting provides a nod to the manufacturing heritage of the building adding character to the interior finish.

CPMS Cambridge, our mechanical division, delivered advanced services to the research, development and manufacturing areas including:

  • Compressor room, – Climate control, general ventilation
  • Analytical room – Climate control, general ventilation
  • Fryer room – Climate control with Extract ventilation
  • Pilot plant – Climate control, Chilled process water system and Extract ventilation
  • Client pilot plant suite Climate control, general ventilation
  • Development kitchen – Climate control, general ventilation and bespoke Kitchen extract canopies
  • Sensory Kitchen – Climate control, general ventilation
  • Tasting review room – Climate control, general ventilation
  • Customer kitchen – Climate control, general ventilation and bespoke Kitchen extract canopies
  • Mezzanine samples room – Climate control, general ventilation
  • Air Handling units – Fully refurbished for increased efficiencies and better client control

The mechanical Systems installed are capable of commercial scale climate control, Ventilation/Extract,  plumbing and drainage – essential to enable Bowman’s highly proficient production line. The new office space was fitted with a high efficiency Mitsubishi VRF system, offering independent heating and cooling providing all staff with a fantastic working environment. To protect confidentiality, we are not displaying images of this work.

Given the pivotal role Bowman Ingredients plays in food development; their head office needs to encompass many varied operational roles and the workspace they inhabit needs to be fully supportive of their requirements. A holistic overview was taken on board in delivering Bowman Ingredients an efficient and complimentary space, which is conducive to bringing all employees together.

  • Size: Ground Floor – 10,645 sq ft, Warehouse – 51,785 sq ft, First Floor Office Area – 10,710 sq ft
  • Headcount: Ground floor – 38, First Floor – 40
  • Location: Biggleswade

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