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Vital Factors to Consider When Briefing a Fit-Out Specialist

Creating a modern and innovative workspace is often a challenging endeavour that demands meticulous planning and thorough preparation. It also requires a significant amount of time and resources to ensure a high-quality outcome within a specified budget.

This is precisely why collaborating with an experienced and integrated fit-out specialist is important. Workplace design and build professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, helping you navigate the complexities of interior design, construction and implementation.

Why Hire an Office Fit-Out Company?

Whether your office is in need of a full re-design, or you are simply looking to reinvent or update your company image with some refurbishment and new office furniture, enlisting the services of a specialist office fit-out company can be a game-changer. By taking advantage of their in-depth expertise and experience in office design, you can maximise the full potential of your workspace, ensuring every square metre is optimised for functionality and aesthetics. This will result in a more efficient and visually appealing environment for your team, and in turn, boost morale and productivity.

Navigating the challenges of compliance and regulations, as well as identifying suitable materials, is a crucial aspect of optimising your workspace. Fit-out specialists excel in addressing these complexities. By entrusting your project to the professionals, you can rest assured that your workspace will meet all the necessary legal requirements and safety standards. You will also benefit from their industry insights and extensive connections, allowing you to source the most suitable materials and devise effective solutions within your budget.

In summary, partnering with a fit-out company will be an investment that pays off in the form of a well-designed, compliant and cost-effective workspace tailored to your unique needs.

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Important Points to Discuss with your Office Fit-Out Company

Communication is vital in achieving the desired outcome. When working with a fit-out company, it is essential to build a strong rapport and have open dialogue throughout the project as this will help ensure that your vision is fully understood and executed. Here are our top areas you should discuss with your fit-out specialist.

1. The purpose of your project and the desired outcome

Your initial meeting with your office fit-out manager should begin with a detailed discussion about the purpose of your project and the specific outcomes you hope to achieve. Whether you are looking to foster a collaborative environment, accommodate a growing team or create an inspiring workspace, articulating your goals will provide the necessary context for the fit-out company to tailor their approach to your unique requirements. By clearly defining the objectives, you can ensure that the project will align with your organisation’s overall vision and mission.

Project Focus: Mischcon de Reya

Mishcon de Reya, a leading independent Cambridge law firm, sought COEL’s services to assist them in creating a high-end office space that ensures employee wellbeing while providing adequate levels of privacy for both staff and clients. Through open communication and in-depth consultations, our fit-out specialists were able to help them achieve their goal for the new office: a neutral, sophisticated, high-end space with multiple focus points and a wide range of staff amenities.

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2. Cost breakdowns, potential expenses and contingency plans

Budgetary considerations are fundamental to any office fit-out project. Beyond merely establishing a budget, it is important to work closely with your specialist to break down the costs, identify potential expenses that may arise during the project and develop robust contingency plans. This proactive approach helps to ensure that you are financially prepared for any unexpected challenges, thus preventing budget overruns, and providing peace of mind throughout the project’s lifecycle.

3. Project timelines and deadlines

As you know, time is of the essence in any office renovation project. For this reason, you should coordinate with your fit-out specialist to establish realistic timelines and deadlines for each phase of the project, taking into account any external factors that might influence the schedule. By clearly communicating and adhering to timelines, you can keep the project on track and ensure that it aligns with your organisation’s operational needs and occupancy plans.

4. Space requirements and layout

It is also vital to have an in-depth discussion about your organisation’s space requirements and preferred layout. Ideally, you should share insights about your team’s workflow, collaboration needs and any unique spatial considerations. This conversation will allow the fit-out company to design a layout that maximises space utilisation, fosters productivity and complements your team’s work patterns.

Speaking with our Head of Interior Design at COEL, Katie Oldknow tells us…

“We work closely with our clients to gain an in depth understanding of their work patterns, team structures and adjacencies to ensure these are implemented in their design. With a dedicated in house design team, we create unique layouts that enhance a company’s overall productivity and efficiencies.”


5. Your preferred design and aesthetics

Specifying your design and aesthetic preferences is integral to achieving a workspace that resonates with your organisation’s identity and culture. If you have ideas on what you’d like to include, consider providing visual references, such as mood boards or sample designs, to convey your vision effectively.

Alternatively, if time is of the essence, the fit-out company’s interior design specialists will provide you with a range office designs that align with your company’s brand, vision and culture. Collaborating on design elements will help to ensure that the final result reflects your brand and creates a visually appealing environment for your team and clients.

Project Focus: Richmond House Beauty

Luxury concept beauty salon Richmond House Beauty aimed to create a destination for customers that exudes sophistication and a contemporary Soho vibe. Through COEL’s collaborative approach to design, we were able to help them develop a space that speaks to their brand and company ethos; a tranquil oasis where customers can enjoy peace and serenity and recharge their mind and body.

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6. Functional needs and technological integration

Remember to discuss the functional aspects of your workspace, including the integration of technology, data infrastructure and any specialised lab or audio-visual equipment or IT systems that are vital to your operations. An in-depth conversation about functionality will ensure that your fit-out team can seamlessly integrate the necessary technology and infrastructure to support your employees’ daily activities.

Dean Powell, who heads up our M&E services work at COEL, adds

“We recognise that the functionality and technological integration of your workspace are integral to your success. This is why our Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Teams always discuss your functional needs and technical requirements during any initial consultation. Your workspace will not just meet your basic needs. It will also become a dynamic asset that improves the overall productivity and efficiency of your company.”

7. Compliance with legal requirements and safety standards

Compliance with the UK’s building codes, safety regulations and accessibility standards is non-negotiable. It is important to verify that your fit-out specialist is well-versed in the legal requirements and has a comprehensive plan to adhere to them throughout the project. Not only will this commitment to compliance mitigate any potential legal issues, but it will also prioritise and protect the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees and visitors.

Jerry Overhill, Group Operations Director at COEL, adds;

“Complying with the UK’s legal requirements and safety standards is essential in any office fit-out project. At COEL, we take this responsibility seriously and prioritise it throughout our collaboration with clients. We work diligently to ensure that your workspace will meets and even exceeds the relevant local building codes, safety regulations and accessibility standards.”

Communication is Key to a Successful Fit-Out Project

A successful fit-out project hinges on collaboration and in-depth consultation with your chosen specialist. These conversations will pave the way for a workspace that will align perfectly with your vision, minimise risks, enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. By prioritising open dialogue and collaboration, you can set the stage for a transformative journey that results in a workspace that will meet your practical needs and elevate your organisation to new heights.

Ready to discuss your lab or office fit-out plans? If so, our team at COEL will be happy to help! Get in touch with us today and we will provide you with a solution tailored to your unique requirements.

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