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VIDEO: Exclusive look inside Mishcon de Reya’s new Cambridge office

Watch our video case study – full transcript can be found below

We are delighted to share with you an inside look into how Mishcon de Reya’s new Cambridge office came to be.

Mishcon de Reya is a leading independent law firm with a presence in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Singapore and Hong Kong (through its association with Karas So LLP).

We were tasked with creating a neutral, sophisticated, high-end space that would be suitable for different working styles and entice workers back into the office.

Transcript of the video

Ed Turner, Chair of Mishcon Future & Partner of Mishcon de Reya
Mishcon de Reya is a leading law firm. Our client base sits across the innovation sectors, across the global private health and the real estate world.

Greta Miceviciute, Interior Designer, COEL
The main component of the brief was to create two, separate spaces: one for clients, as a lounge and one for staff. Privacy and confidentiality were really important to the client; so the client lounge is completely separate from the staff entrances. As well as creating a luxurious feel, we wanted to make sure that the staff wellbeing was a key part of the design process.

Katie Oldknow, Senior Design Associate, COEL
As standard, when we begin a design, we look to incorporate as many elements of the WELL Standard as we can. In this particular project, we have incorporated numerous elements of biophilic design, from the implementation of actual plants to the type of materials that have been used throughout.

We have implemented a wellness room, which is a multifunctional space and caters to a range of needs.

Paul Fulton, Business Services Director, Mishcon de Reya
I really enjoyed working with COEL. The team from everyone front-facing to those that were doing the design and build were excellent, but also everyone behind the scenes was fantastic.

Everyone in the accounts team or the procurement team, everyone had a part to play and everyone did play their part.

Special mention does have to go to Toby and Greta, who were heavily involved in everything that happened and they really did go the extra mile in making sure that a very ambitious timeline that I set them was achieved and delivered against – as well as a fantastic end product.

Toby Geering, Senior Project Manager, COEL
Very early on in my involvement with the project, it became very clear how invested the client was in the successful delivery of this project. It was actually a joy to work with the client team and I thank them for making that journey successful for us all.

I enjoyed coming to project meetings with the client – it was something I actually looked forward to on this project because we all were a combined team, working to deliver the project as one.

Alix Balfe-Skinner, People Manager, Mishcon de Reya
So, I think from this project, we really wanted to create an environment that aligned with our values and gave everyone a really great experience. The office is already having a really positive impact on the business and all the different teas within it.

I think it’s really attractive to people who are looking at potentially joining us; it’s a really, really nice place to come and work.

My favourite thing about the new space is probably how it’s set up so that you can focus on work, but bump into people. People interaction is really important to me so being able to see colleagues that I might not work as closely with but know and can just catch up and say hello and see how they are doing – is a really nice thing to be able to do.

Paul Fulton, Business Services Director, Mishcon de Reya
Seeing the finished space for the first time, the feeling was pride because the project was finished. My favourite thing about the space is probably the staircase and the fretwork. It’s a statement as you walk in, but it can equally be seen from the street – so there is an element of interest from someone walking past.

The best bit is when I come in to see people in it; and see it being used. That’s where actually you know you’ve done something right.

Katie Oldknow, Senior Design Associate, COEL
The aim with the reception being on the ground floor and being a little separate from the main floors above, was to create a level of cub appeal, to create an excitement, a curiosity from the passer-by.

Mishcon wanted to project a very aspirational level to their clients and give a feeling of arriving at an exclusive club.

Ed Turner, Chair of Mishcon Future & Partner of Mishcon de Reya
Mishcon de Reya is a premium law firm, and our clients have expectations in terms of the service and experience of working with us. They want the best outcomes, they want the best service, and they want the experience of working with us, in all aspects, including the physical environment in which they interact with us, to reflect that.

This isn’t the first time we have used COEL and I think our relationship has developed over time, with initially smaller projects that have built trust between the two organisations; and an understanding, such that the delivery of this project has certainly cemented our relationship with COEL.

We see COEL as our core partner going forward in relation to our physical environment.

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