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Maximise meeting space with enclosed meeting pods and phone booths, while avoiding the expense of building extra walls or partitions.

These flexible, movable spaces are ideal for informal chats, collaborating or private team meetings. Quick and easy to install, our meeting pod and phone booths for office settings can transform a bustling workspace into a focused environment.

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Save space without sacrificing
privacy and productivity

Open-concept office environments are all the rage these days and for good reason! They help companies maximise their space while reducing costs and increasing collaboration. However, one caveat is that an open office does not offer much in the way of privacy. As a result, a gentle hubbub can quickly become a huge distraction, reducing overall business productivity and efficiency.

At COEL, we believe our phone booths and office meeting pods are the perfect solution for the various challenges that are inherent in an open-plan work environment. They provide a simple yet effective way of creating a private and quiet place for your staff to hold small meetings or make important telephone calls, particularly those who need to contact colleagues working from home. These enclosed spaces offer optimum levels of privacy, which is vital if you want to have a confidential conversation or discuss a sensitive topic.

Furthermore, our tailored phone booths and meeting pods promote productivity as they provide employees with a dedicated space where they can focus on their tasks. And, with the increasing number of distractions often found in modern workspaces, having a designated area can help your staff remain highly focused and productive.

Why phone booths and office meeting pods make absolute sense

Whether you’re keen on maximising space or creating a prolific work environment, our bespoke office meeting pod and phone booth solutions can help you achieve your desired results.

Increased privacy

Phone boots and meeting pods for offices provide your staff with a private and enclosed space for meetings and vital phone calls. This ensures that sensitive client information stays confidential and members of your team can have important conversations without being overheard.

Better soundproofing

With a dedicated meeting pod or phone booth, office employees can have a quiet and conducive space for essential conversations or phone calls. This can help minimise noise and distractions, ensuring they can communicate clearly and efficiently with the other party.


At COEL, we believe that no two workspaces are exactly alike. This is why our office meeting pods and phone booths are customisable to fit your specific needs and requirements. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations, as well as a range of materials and finishes, so you can create the perfect work environment that meets your employees’ various needs.

Easy to install

One of the most significant benefits of modular meeting pods and phone booths is that they are quick to install and require minimal disruption to your daily operation. They can be moved or reconfigured easily as your needs change, allowing you to create the most optimal work setting without the added expense of having to build extra walls and partitions.

Highly versatile

Our office meeting pods and phone booths offer excellent versatility and can be used for various purposes. Whether you need to make private phone calls, have one-on-one meetings/small group discussions, or have a place to focus and work on your task without the constant noise and disruption, these office solutions will undoubtedly benefit your business or organisation.

Support neurodivergent employees

Large open spaces present various challenges to workers with different neurological needs. Because they require quiet work environments to focus, an office meeting pod offers a perfect and cost-effective solution for catering to their needs. This can help them become more productive and successful members of your staff.

Why work with COEL

At COEL, we aim to develop reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective office furniture solutions that suit dynamic workspaces and meet the various needs of the modern employee. Designed with optimum functionality, comfort, and privacy in mind, our bespoke office meeting pods and phone booths can provide your staff with a dedicated space to meet, collaborate, or make private phone calls without the constant noise and distraction common in open-plan work environments.

We offer a wide range of highly customisable options to ensure that our acoustic meeting pods and phone booths meet your practical needs and aesthetic preferences. Our office design experts will work closely with you to create the perfect space for your business or organisation. From size and configuration to materials and finishes, you can count on us to consider the necessary parameters to provide you with the best office bespoke furniture.

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